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Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Replacement Doors

Why Choose An Energy-Efficient Garage Door?

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Energy-efficient garage doors, also called insulated garage doors, offer multiple environmental and financial benefits, including heat insulation, reducing greenhouse gas, and potential cost savings. At Window World, we offer energy-efficient garage doors that are stylish and built to last. Read more to learn why this type of garage door is the right choice for your Huntsville home.

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What Is An Energy-Efficient Garage Door? 

Energy-efficient garage doors are insulated, helping you control the temperature in your garage and home. During those hot Huntsville summers, energy-efficient garage doors stop the hot air from entering your home, which ultimately helps you keep your home cool. Insulated garage doors also help keep heat in your home during colder months.

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Four Reasons to Choose An Energy-Efficient Garage Door

Here are four more reasons why an insulated garage door is an excellent investment: 

Potentially Cut Costs on Utility Bills

Since insulated garage doors stop cool air from leaving your home, especially during the unpredictable winters, this means that your HVAC unit could also use less energy. After a few months with your new garage doors, you might notice your monthly bills are lower than ever!

Reduce the Amount of Greenhouse Gases That Your Home Emits

Everyday activities in your home, such as cooking and heating, emit greenhouse gases that harm the environment. When you install energy-efficient garage doors on your home, you can improve insulation in your home and, since your HVAC system will not work as hard, ultimately reduce the amount of greenhouse gas that your home releases. 

Add More Protection to Your Home 

Energy-efficient garage doors are constructed of two layers of steel with a layer of insulation sandwiched in the middle. This provides an extra layer of protection for your home, which helps prevent damage from storms or extreme weather. When you choose an insulated garage door, you get multiple layers of protection in one product. 

Increase Your Home Value

When you add energy-efficient products to your home, such as garage doors and windows, you could ultimately increase your home value. If you decide to sell your home, then energy-efficient home features could make your home more attractive on the seller’s market. This investment could save you money now and help you make more money on your home in the future. 

Ready to Add Energy-Efficient Garage Doors to Your Huntsville Home? 

If you plan to add an insulated garage door to your home, then look no further than Window World of Huntsville. We have a dedicated team of professionals who would love to work with you on your home renovations. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free in-home quote. 

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