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Why Add a Bay or Bow Window to Your Home

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Looking for ways to help your home stand out? A bay or bow window is a surefire way to do it! These windows are designed to add classic charm to any home, along with a variety of other benefits we’ll discuss below.

But first, let’s talk about what bay and bow windows are and how to choose the right one for your Huntsville home.

The Differences Between Bay and Bow Windows

The shape and style of these two types of windows are very similar, but they do have a key difference: the number of windows in each one.

Bay windows have 3 openings or window panels, often with a larger window in the middle and two smaller windows angled on either side. They allow in more natural light than other window styles and the extra space created inside of your home allows you to create a shelf or seating area. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a window seat, bay windows are for you!

Bow windows are larger, with 4-6 window panels, which are typically all the same size. More window panels creates a smoother semi-circle appearance on the outside of the home and allows in even more natural light. Bow windows are most often seen in Victorian-era architecture or buildings inspired by that era but they look beautiful in any home.

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5 Reasons to Add a Bay or Bow Window to Your Home

1. Bay & Bow Windows Can Make Small Rooms Look Larger

If you have a room that is a little more cramped than you’d like, consider adding a bay or bow window. The expanded glass space will make the room look and feel larger, while the angled windows add functional space to the interior of your home.

2. This Style Creates Extra Room for Storage or Seating

Because bay and bow windows are angled or semi-circular, they naturally create extra space inside. Many homeowners choose to add a window seat, which adds unmatched charm to any home. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a reading nook in a window?

In addition to seating, the extra space is perfect for your indoor plants or it can be used for storage. Whether you choose to add shelves or a storage seat that opens with a lift-top, you’ll love the extra room!

Bay and bow window showcases winterscape from dining room.

3. Bay and Bow Windows Add to Your Home’s Value

While updating your windows adds to your home’s value regardless of the style you choose, bay and bow windows add even more value. The amount that one of these windows adds to your Huntsville home will vary based on your home’s size and existing value.

And it’s not just the charm of a bay or bow window that adds to the value! When you install these windows, the square footage of your home increases, which allows you to add more to your asking price. And when you choose ENERGY STAR windows, like the ones manufactured by Window World of Huntsville, your home value will increase even more.

4. Bay or Bow Windows Provide Natural Ventilation

Bay and Bow windows are made up of 3-6 individual windows that extend into a yard outside. Imagine all the fresh air you can bring into your home with that many glass panels to open! Fresh air is beneficial not just for improving your state of mind, but can be a lifesaver if you left your dinner in the oven a few minutes too long.

5. You’ll Enjoy Maximum Natural Light

With 3-6 window panels, it’s hard to find a style of window that brings in more natural light than bay or bow windows. And because the window panels are angled, you’ll get sunlight from multiple angles. The extra light brightens up your home and can even improve your mood!

Should I Choose a Bay or Bow Window?

With those differences in mind, which one is right for your home? There is no right or wrong answer! Both are great choices, but it’s important to remember that bow windows require more space, so if you have a smaller opening, you’ll probably want to choose a bay window.

During your free in-home estimate, your Window World consultant will help you determine which style is right for your home and your budget. Ultimately, both are great options and can help liven any room.

Beautify Your Huntsville Home With Bay & Bow Windows

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