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Energy Efficiency

What Makes Windows from Window World Energy Efficient?

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What are Energy-Efficient Windows?

Energy-efficient windows are designed to keep heated or cooled air inside your home throughout the year. When your windows perform this way, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, helping you to cut costs on your energy bills each month. Energy-efficient windows from Window World are custom-made, creating endless style possibilities.

Energy-efficient improvements to your home and lifestyle decrease the amount of energy you use each day. In doing this, you’ll likely see significant savings each year. Imagine your home in its own bubble that stays comfortable year-round, with the help of insulative windows.

Features of Window World Windows

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Windows from Window World are equipped with energy-efficient technology designed to reduce your energy use, adding value to your home and saving you money. Read on to discover more about each of the features our windows offer.

1. Low-E Glass Technology

Low-E glass has been treated with a metallic coating that filters specific types of light from entering your home. Designed to minimize the number of UV rays entering your home, the treated glass will block heat from the sun during the warmer months without sacrificing natural light.

2. Warm-Edge Spacer

The Intercept™ warm-edge spacer extends the longevity of your window glass by preventing condensation build-up. By insulating the exterior edges of your sealed window, you may save up to 5% on your monthly energy bill.

3. Vinyl Framing

Vinyl window frames are designed with a complex array of compartments that provide insulation to the frame of the window. With durable vinyl frames, your windows are able to withstand regular wear and tear, as well as extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of Window World’s Energy-Efficient Windows

Added Value to Your Home

By upgrading your home’s energy efficiency, you add undeniable value to your home. In a world where sustainability is becoming more important, home improvements that are energy efficient create value for potential buyers.

Increased Home Energy Efficiency

Custom replacement windows improve your home’s energy efficiency by sealing your home from the outdoor elements.

Cost Savings

Investing in energy-efficient windows decreases the energy you use, shaving dollars off your utility bill each month.

Enhanced Comfort

Window World’s technology helps keep your home comfortable throughout the year, preventing your heat and air from escaping to the outside.

UV Protection

Energy-efficient windows reflect the solar heat transferred into your home during the warmer months. Extended exposure to UV light will eventually fade your furniture, carpet and any curtains or drapes you have installed.

Upgrade Your Windows with Window World of Huntsville

If you’re ready to invest in windows that boost your home’s energy efficiency, look no further! Request a free estimate today to learn more about our custom replacement window options.

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