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Storm Door Buying Guide

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A Guide to Buying Storm Doors for Your Home

Storm doors are an investment for your home that can be used year-round. If you’re looking for a deep dive into storm doors and what to look for when purchasing one, we’ve got you covered.

A storm door is installed in front of your exterior door and comes in a variety of styles and colors. Storm doors add an extra layer of protection to your front door by shielding it from sunlight, heavy rain, gusty winds and other bad weather conditions.

When Should You Buy a Storm Door?

Storm doors are a great addition to any exterior door and can be installed at any time during the year. If you’re considering a storm door in preparation for bad weather, it’s best to install it early. The last thing you want is your storm door to be installed after a heavy rain or snowstorm when your exterior door already shows signs of water damage.

How to Choose a Storm Door

Before purchasing a storm door, you’ll need to decide on the style. Some storm doors allow full sunlight to shine through, while others only allow partial sunlight to enter. While there are plenty of options to choose from, most storm doors will be a variation of the following three styles:

Can a Storm Door be Used as an Exterior Door?

Storm doors aren’t fit to be used as exterior doors on their own. While they’re great additions to your pre-existing exterior door, storm doors are much thinner and flimsier.

Features of a Storm Door

Additional features like ventilation, frame type and color add a personalized touch to your storm door.

Ventilation Options

Want the layer of protection a storm door provides but still want to appreciate a cool, summer breeze? Opt for a storm door that has interchangeable or retractable screens built into its design. Interchangeable screens can be switched with the glass panel during the warmer months, while retractable screens allow you to enjoy an instant breath of fresh air and retract into the door when not in use.

Frame Types and Color

Window World storm door frames are built using steel, aluminum or vinyl-clad wood. Metal and synthetic frames are built to withstand the elements, while also preventing your indoor heat or AC from escaping. Depending on your frame’s material, you may have the option to change its color.

Should You Invest in a Storm Door?

If you’re looking to prolong the life of your exterior doors, installing a storm door is your best option. Storm doors act as a shield from weather, UV rays and damage from high-traffic areas. Not to mention, a stylish storm door can add more depth to your home’s curb appeal.

Find Storm Doors at Window World of Huntsville

Ready to explore storm door options for your home? Window World of Huntsville offers a wide selection of Larson storm doors that protect and beautify your home. Contact us today to request your free estimate.

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