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Color Trends for 2023: Jewel Tones

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Looking for something to switch up your neutral-heavy color palette or add even more color to your space? Whether you want a quick change or a total interior overhaul, jewel tones are a classic choice for adding rich, intense color to your home. 

What are Jewel Tones?

Jewel tones are a varied group of colors known for their similarities to the intense clarity of popular gemstones like ruby, emerald and sapphire. 

Due to their high color saturation, we recommend using jewel tones sparingly unless you’re willing to commit fully. Bringing them in as pops of color—for instance, in a throw blanket or a painted cabinet—allows the color to shine without overpowering the rest of the room or overpowering other colors you use in decor. If you’re feeling ready to go big or go home, embrace the color fully with big choices like sofas or accent walls in your chosen color. 

What Makes Them a Popular Choice in 2023?

As we move deeper into the 2020s, more and more homeowners have been leaning toward brighter colors that help express their personal taste and infuse personality into their homes. In the 2010s, neutrals reigned supreme as the practical choice, and they remain a perennially popular way to create a soothing interior space. However, there’s been a definite shift in the last few years toward a brighter color palette used in bolder ways. Whether in smaller decor like a side table or throw pillows or as an eye-catching accent wall, strong colors like jewel tones are finally taking center stage. 

Jewel Tones to Love in 2023

Ready to embrace beautiful bold jewel tones in your own home? Here are some popular choices to consider when making your picks.

Emerald Green

dining room with emerald green chairs

A classic due to its association with nature and growth, green is a great choice to inject some life into virtually any room. A small touch, like a rich throw blanket draped over your couch, or a larger one, like painting your office walls in a dark, moody emerald green, both add maturity and depth to your room.

Amber Orange

warm orange sofa in living room

Dark, rich amber is an underdog of a color. When people think orange, they think of a less passionate red or a too-bright color best suited for children’s rooms. Amber orange is the perfect complement for more soothing tones like sage green or cream, adding a natural contrast for earth tones. Want to spice up your home without moving away from earthier colors? Go for amber orange.

Sapphire Blue

blue velvet couch in living room with colorful decor

Bright, bold and sophisticated, sapphire blue is more high-intensity than virtually any other shade of blue. Many blues are soothing and relaxing, but sapphire demands your attention in an eye-catching yet beautiful display. Pull off a sapphire blue velvet couch to add contrast to a room full of black and white neutrals, or use it to full dramatic effect in a glamorous bathroom. 

Citrine Yellow

white and yellow bedroom with yellow tapestry above bed

Cheery and warm, this yellow is a more grown-up version of the butter yellows you’re likely used to seeing in homes. Goldenrod and citrine yellows add warm complexity to rooms decked out in neutrals like white, cream and brown, or bring another facet to rooms with other bright pops of color. 

Incorporating Jewel Tones into Your Home

No matter how you choose to decorate your home, freshening up your decor with new colors is a sure way to revitalize your interiors. There’s no wrong way to decorate as long as it adds joy to your daily life. 

Ready to refresh other elements of your home with new color? We’re here for you with our selection of doors and exterior siding in a wide range of color options! 

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