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Interior Design Trends in 2022

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Interior design is all about turning your house into a home and expressing your personal style through furniture, decor, color selections and more. Determining your aesthetic and keeping up to date with ever-changing design trends might seem a bit overwhelming, but no need to worry—we have you covered with some of the most popular design trends for your living room, bedroom and kitchen. Read on to learn how to upgrade your space!

Design Trends For Your Living Room

Bring the outside into your living room with natural accents, colors and textures. Earthy neutrals like brown and tan can act as a great tonal backdrop for your space. Adding a leather couch and a wicker basket can bring some texture in while maintaining a cohesive, natural feel. You can also introduce plants to literally bring the outdoors in. For a larger, colorful plant, explore palm options; for smaller spaces, consider textured succulents. And for a bigger change that connects your space to the outside world, install a sliding glass door.

If the natural trend isn’t for you, try being more playful with colors and patterns. Maximalism is in, so start mixing and matching decor styles, textures and prints to abundantly fill your living space. This can be done through curtains, throw pillows, wall hangings and eclectic furniture pieces. Make your multicolored, multidimensional space one that reflects who you are, what you like and where you have been.

Design Trends For your Kitchen

In 2022, minimalist, high-performing kitchens are becoming more popular. Clear your counter of clutter and introduce clean lines and solid colors throughout the space. Sleek light fixtures help modernize the room, while tech devices for music, organization and even cleaning keep function and style at a high level. Ultimately, you want your kitchen to feel clean and inviting, so design should highlight natural light—perhaps through a bay window—and let the space speak for itself.  

Design Trends For Your Bedroom

We all want our bedrooms to be retreats, spaces we can fully relax into at the end of the day. Light woods, cool tones and textured linens are a good starting point in designing a more zen bedroom. Adding double hung windows allow for some extra light to enter your new oasis and can easily be opened to add a fresh breeze. Keep your bedroom furniture minimal and timeless for a space that transcends trends and grows with your changing tastes. Introduce soft textures through blankets and rugs, and personalize the space with your favorite art pieces—easily changed out when your style shifts. 

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