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Top Window Frame Colors for Your Home in 2024

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When it comes to replacement windows, you have a lot of options. From the window style to energy-efficient packages, and even the window frame color.

Window frames are the part of the window that holds the panes of glass. While vinyl windows were once only available in neutrals like white and off-white, you can now choose from a wide variety of colors – both interior and exterior – to match your style.

And when you choose Window World of Huntsville, you have several color choices for both the interior and exterior window frames. Mix and match to create the perfect windows for your home. Explore your color choices with this design inspiration from our line of replacement windows.

Trending Interior Window Frame Colors

No matter your interior design aesthetic, you’ll find the perfect interior window frame color here. Let’s look at the options:

Woodgrain Finishes for a Classic Touch

Wood window frames are beautiful, but they’re not the most durable or energy-efficient. Luckily, vinyl windows are available in an array of gorgeous wood grain finishes, making them a practical but attractive option for your interior window frames.

If you like the farmhouse style, opt for white wood grain. For a more traditional interior window frame style, choose Cherry, Dark Oak, or Foxwood. And if you own one of Huntsville’s historic homes, wood grain vinyl windows are also a great way to upgrade the windows while still maintaining the original look of wood!
 home bay wooden window frame

Versatile White Frames

For an interior window color option that is sure to match any wall color or decor aesthetic, choose classic white. It blends in perfectly with white or off-white walls and provides a pop of contrast when you choose a darker wall color.
Vinyl Awning Window

Neutral Hues: Beige and Classic Clay

For neutrals that are a little warmer than white, Beige and Classic Clay are two great options. These colored window frames look great with any decor style, but they’ll fit right in with a more traditional aesthetic.
clay and beige window frames

Popular Exterior Window Frame Colors

Matching your exterior window frames to your front door, door frames, or shutters is a great way to create a cohesive look.

Get inspired with these window frame ideas for the exterior of your Huntsville home:

Bold Black for Modern Elegance

Black accents are extremely trendy right now, but they’re timeless with certain home colors like white and gray. It works perfectly with modern or traditional architecture so no matter your style, black window frames are a beautiful choice for your exterior window colors.

black exterior window frames

Architectural Bronze and Earth Tones

If you want to go dark but black isn’t quite your style, try Architectural Bronze. This rich shade of dark brown gives the same first impression as black without being so bold. It looks especially charming alongside brick or stone.

Large home with architectural bronze window frame

Classic White

A classic choice for windows, white really pops against darker home colors and brick. Just be sure to wash the frames with your garden hose regularly to keep them bright white!

large, ranch style home with white window frames

Contemporary Grays: Castle Gray and Silver

Gray window frames? Yes! This is a unique choice that looks extremely modern on white or off-white homes. Our Castle Gray is a greige (mixture of gray and beige) while Silver is a true cool gray.

Home with gray window frames

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Frame Colors

What color windows should I get?

The best color for your windows should align with your home’s overall color scheme and architectural style. Consider the environment around your home and the statement you wish to make. Neutral colors offer flexibility, while bold colors like black or bronze can deliver a more dramatic effect.

Can you mix window frame colors?

Yes, mixing window frame colors can add dimension and interest to your home. For instance, choosing a bold color for the front and neutral shades for less visible sides can create a unique look. Ensure the colors complement each other and the home’s exterior.

Are colored window frames more expensive than white?

Generally, colored frames can cost slightly more due to the additional processes involved in achieving specific hues. However, the investment can be worthwhile for the added curb appeal and unique character they bring to your home.

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