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How To Measure Your Sliding Glass Door

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If you’re in the market for replacement patio doors, you need a new screen, or you’re shopping for curtains or blinds, you’ll need to measure your sliding glass door.

This is pretty easy to accomplish yourself and it just takes a few minutes!

Taking Sliding Glass Door Measurements

What you need:

Once you have your supplies gathered, let’s measure your patio doors:

  1. First, step outside and close your patio door. Measure the width of one side of the door going from the spot where your door frame meets your home’s exterior. You’ll measure from brick to brick, siding to siding, or stucco to stucco. Write your horizontal measurement.
  2. Next, you’ll measure vertically. Place your measuring tape at the bottom of the door sill and measure to the top of the frame where your home’s exterior material begins. Write this number down.
  3. If you’d like to be more thorough, you can also measure your doors from the inside. 

Measuring French Doors

If your patio doors are French doors, measuring them is still quick and easy. Standing inside your home, here’s how to measure them:

  1. Measure your French doors horizontally the same way you would measure sliding glass doors: from edge to edge. Since French doors automatically come in pairs, the total width is more important than the width of each individual door.
  2. To measure your French doors vertically, simply place one end of your measuring tape where the door meets the floor, and measure up to the top of the door.

Choose Window World of Huntsville For Your New Patio Doors

Once you have these measurements, it’s easy to get a replacement patio door quote from Window World of Huntsville! Whether you’re looking to upgrade the look of your sliding glass door or it needs to be replaced due to damage or age, we have the perfect solution for your home. Learn more about our sliding patio doors or French rail doors, and request your free quote today!

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