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The Top Holiday Fire Safety Tips

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The holidays are the perfect time to go all out in your home with lights, tinsel and more. But all the electric materials and flammable decorations also mean more chances for fires. To make sure your hosting and relaxation are as worry-free as possible, here are the top holiday fire safety tips you need to know.

Holiday Home Safety Tips

Not only are holiday fires dangerous, but they can be expensive too (in fact, they destroy more than $554 million in property each year). Nearly any holiday item can act as fuel in some way or another for a fire, so even if you’re not decorating or haven’t decorated much, the potential is still there. For your home to be at its safest, you need to consider everything from your oven to candlesticks.

How to Prevent Holiday Cooking Mishaps

The kitchen is already a hotspot for fires, and the holiday season only amplifies this. As a lot of things happen in and around the kitchen, it’s crucial to stay focused on the actual cooking. You should:

How to Prevent Holiday Lighting Accidents


While the most common issue with holiday lights is dead bulbs, both indoor and outdoor lights are still a fire hazard. You should always:

You should also opt for LED light strands when possible. They not only produce zero heat, but they’re also more eco- and wallet-friendly. For more energy-efficient home options, explore our high-performing windows, doors and vinyl siding.

How to Prevent Candle Fire Hazards

Whether for a Menorah, Kinara or just some nice light and scents, candles are key this time of year. It’s not surprising then that the top three days a year for candle-related home fires are Christmas, New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. While you can always replace them with flameless/electric ones, if you opt for the real deal, you should:

How to Safely Protect A Tree


Do you celebrate the holiday season with a tree? One in three Christmas tree fires are due to electrical problems. To keep your tree and home safe:

For any treeIf you have a real tree
Never use lit candles as decorations.Keep your tree from becoming dry and highly flammable by watering it every day. You know it’s fresh if the needles are hard to break or pull out from branches and the trunk has resin on it.
Make sure your tree is secured to the ground with a stand.Cut about two inches from the tree’s trunk when placing it in the stand to ensure it can best get water.
Keep your tree at least three feet away from any heat source.Get rid of your tree once it’s dry.

How to Properly Prepare a Fireplace

While a fireplace is great for heat and added coziness this time of year, it can also be a hassle to maintain and look over. For everyone’s safety, you should:

If you find yourself relying too much on your fireplace to stay warm, your home needs better insulation. Window World products are made with cutting-edge tech to stop drafts, keep your home’s temperature consistent and last for years to come.

Practice Pet Fire Safety

Your furry family members can be a great guest at any holiday party with the right precautions:

Make the Most of Every Season With Window World

Follow these tips, make sure your fire alarms are working and have a fire extinguisher (or two) handy, and you’ll be all the more prepared for the holiday season. For everything else for a high-performing home, turn to Window World of Huntsville and our high-quality, professionally installed products. Get started today with your free in-home or virtual consultation.

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