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A Guide to Farmhouse Windows

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A lot of choices come with owning a home, especially if you’re renovating or want a style refresh. From new paint colors to updating furniture, or even finding the perfect window replacement, every small choice adds up to a declaration of your personal style.

So when it comes to the popular, cozy farmhouse style, it comes as no surprise that the little details can matter a lot in the execution. Windows are one of the key points of expressing modern farmhouse style for your home’s exterior, so if you’re looking to refresh your home for added coziness, read on to learn how farmhouse windows can help bring your new style to life! 

What is Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse style, also known as modern farmhouse, is an interior design style that primarily focuses on using rustic charm and simplicity. It began to grow in popularity in the later 2010s and continues as a popular choice for homeowners. Marked by its reliance on clean, simple lines, neutral colors and rustic furniture, the style was a welcome breath of fresh air for many homeowners. 

Combining modern elegance and traditional, functional utility, farmhouse style makes for a comfortable home that feels effortlessly lived-in without any excess frills or fuss. 

What Makes a Farmhouse Window?

There’s more to farmhouse windows than one particular style. Recognizing a home as farmhouse-style isn’t down to a specific style of window, though there are some common window characteristics you’ll often see used in farmhouse-style homes. Windows are just one part of a cohesive stylistic direction. 

How to Spot Farmhouse Windows

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What Window Type is Best for Farmhouse Style?

We’d recommend double-hung or casement windows in either black or white vinyl to show off your home’s farmhouse style. These lend themselves well to clean, modern styles without calling too much attention to themselves or detracting from other elements. This is crucial for farmhouse style, which is all about simple elegance. Learn a little more about how each is suitable below. 

Double-Hung Windows 

This window style is an enduring classic for a reason. It’s a traditional look, and fans of farmhouse style who favor a more traditional silhouette will appreciate the verticality and elegance of this style. They’re also low-maintenance and allow for both top and bottom panes to be opened independently, letting you take in the fresh air. 

Casement Windows

A modern farmhouse look may favor casement windows. They’re simple in design, though casement windows may come with grid patterns to favor the grilled-window look mentioned above. These windows are made to bring in as much natural light in as possible. With a hand crank on one side and hinged sashes on either side, you can also open casement windows to bring the outdoors even closer. 

Bring Your Farmhouse Ideas to Your Home

If cozy, elegant farmhouse style speaks to your personal tastes, bring it to life in your own home! We’re more than happy to help you bring your home’s exterior up to scratch with high-quality windows, doors and vinyl siding replacements. Get in touch with us today for a free quote on window replacements.

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