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Best Herbs to Grow on Your Window Sill

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Looking for the best indoor herbs to grow in your kitchen windowsill? Try growing basil, oregano, parsley, and thyme. Each of these four herbs thrives in the warm weather and is an excellent choice for those humid Huntsville summers. Read more to find out how to grow herbs on a windowsill.

What Types of Herbs Grow Best in the Alabama Climate?

Alabama’s climate includes a wide range of weather. During the winter, you can find snow in the Northern part of the state. In the summer, the temperature can regularly reach the 90’s by the warmest part of the day. To successfully grow herbs on your windowsill in the Alabama climate, you must create a schedule and stay with it.

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Plant schedules include a date for starting your seeds indoors and monitoring the weather changes. That way, you can stay aware of any cold weather that might stunt your plants’ growth. In Alabama, early spring has enough consistently warm weather to start growing plants. Here are the four herbs to grow on your windowsill:


Basil is a staple in many dishes and adds a large amount of flavor. It’s low maintenance, which is why it’s one of the reasons why it’s one of the most popular herbs to grow at home! Southern states, such as Alabama, are great for growing basil because it needs up to six hours of daily sunlight.

To grow basil on your windowsill, start growing the seeds around the beginning of February. By April, the weather should be consistently warm enough to move the plants outside to your windowsill. When you see temperatures that consistently stay within the 70s, that’s an indicator for optimal weather.


Oregano is an essential ingredient for many Italian recipes and offers a taste of Mediterranean cuisine with its wonderful leaves. Oregano is one of the easiest herbs to grow in southern states, like Alabama, because of its love for warm weather.

To grow oregano, you must drain the soil well and plant the seeds when you know the weather outside is consistently in the 70s. Oregano needs a lot of sun, so you want to place it on a windowsill that you know receives a lot of sunlight. Also, Oregano plants can grow up to two feet tall, so be sure to plant them on a windowsill with a lot of room!


Sage is a unique herb that grows small flowers between the leaves. Sage is a great candidate for your indoor garden because it thrives in room temperature conditions. The ideal conditions for sage to grow are between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Note that to grow sage, you need to stick to a watering schedule; however, too much moisture will wash out the plant, so be sure to let the soil dry out between waterings.


Thyme is perfect to grow in your Huntsville home because it actually prefers a lot of sun and heat. Thyme does not require a lot of water to bloom, so it’s another easy-going, low-maintenance herb for you to grow. You must drain the soil extremely well for thyme to avoid any water damage. Thyme grows best from plants instead of seeds, so purchase thyme plants or use plant cuttings for an easier time.

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