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5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home Office

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In the last two years, people have spent more time in their home offices than ever before. And with spending time in a room comes investing a little more effort into making the room feel like your own. (Plus, having a great background for video calls with colleagues and coworkers doesn’t hurt.) 

While there are some spaces that can benefit from a more sparing touch – if you have a home gym, you’re likely not wanting to put a decorative pillow in there – a home office can be a comfortable and cozy workspace for a solid day’s work. Below are five ways to make your home office feel like a warm, productive space where you’ll be happy to spend time! 

Invest in Art

When we say “invest,” we don’t mean go out and buy expensive artwork for your home office. Cheaper prints can look great in a unique frame you can pick up at your local department store. Art that reflects your personality not only lets your coworkers get a peek into who you are, but it can also brighten your day to see something you like. When it comes to long workdays, seeing artwork you love on your wall can help ease your mind. In fact, though we’ve all long known about the good that expressing your creativity can do, just looking at art can be helpful for your mental health too! 

Upgrade Your Furniture

If you’re working remotely, this is especially key. Giving yourself a workspace that is appropriate for long-term use is not only good for your body, but good for presenting a structured space in which work gets done. Your basic staples include an ergonomic chair and a desk large enough for your computer and other accessories like extra monitors, keyboards or notebooks, but if you want to really invest in your space, an extra side table for files or important work items could work well. 

Put in a Plant

While you don’t need a garden window to nurture your plants, if your home office receives a lot of sunshine in the morning or afternoon, add some plants! Watering them can add variety to your daily or weekly routine, and plants themselves bring cheer to your home. Plus, they’re a safe space for water cooler talk about last night’s big tv premiere — we won’t tell!

Much like artwork, plants have also been linked to better mental health. For those working remotely, this can be a big benefit! 

Add Cozy Curtains

Afternoon sun making it difficult to see your computer screen? A good pair of curtains can pull double duty. They can serve as a way to block light when you need to focus and also present a way to throw some interesting colors or patterns into your home office. Better yet, you could get a set of sheer and opaque curtains to contrast textures and provide varying ways to get your work done without compromising on your light level preferences. 

Bring in Bright New Windows

Windows can make or break a room. A good set of windows brings in plenty of light and fresh air as well as blocks out cool or hot air from the outdoors, saving you valuable dollars on your monthly utility bills. If outdoor air is leaking in through your windows, it may be time to look into window replacements, and we’re more than happy to talk over your options with a free estimate. Get in touch with us today to find out how your home office could become your new favorite room of the house by replacing your windows!

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