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5 Popular Indoor Plants for Your Garden Windows

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Garden windows are a charming addition to any home, especially if you’re looking to add some indoor plants to your home.

Our garden windows feature a 17 inch deep seatboard and fully insulated glass, making them ideal for decorating, especially with plants! And when the temperatures drop, garden windows are a great way to bring your smaller outdoor plants inside for the winter.

If you need some garden window inspiration, we’re here to help!

Indoor Plant Ideas

1. Succulents

Due to their love of sun and small size, succulents flourish in garden windows. They’re a great option for anyone who wants to add greenery to their home, but needs a low maintenance indoor plant. Most succulents are very easy to care for: just put them in a sunny spot and water them every other week or so. Popular succulents are aloe vera, hawthornia, sedum, and cacti.

2. Herbs

What could be better to grow in your garden window than fresh herbs? Just snip some fresh herbs to top off your dishes and enjoy! Most herbs thrive in pots – or even jars – indoors. Basil, mint, oregano, parsley, thyme, sage, and rosemary are all great options for your garden window. 

potted herbs in windowsill

3. Snake Plants

Don’t let the name scare you! Snake plants are ultra-trendy, and for good reason: they’re as hardy as they are gorgeous. They are one of the most low maintenance indoor plants and can handle neglect, while keeping their unique green and yellow leaves. Snake plants prefer bright light, making them a great choice for garden windows.

snake plant

4. Flowers

Flowers are always a great option, especially if you’re looking for colorful indoor plants! In Alabama, many of the flowers you have in your garden may also thrive in your garden window. If you have petunias, alyssum, zinnias, begonias, or pansies in your outdoor garden, try moving a few inside to your garden window sill. 

5. Nanouk

Another colorful indoor plant, the nanouk has gorgeous green and purple leaves that can vine out and get quite big if left to its own devices, but does well in a pot if properly pruned. It likes bright, indirect sunlight, making it a great choice for garden windows.

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