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5 Home Repairs that Should Be Left to the Pros

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DIY is a great hobby that can improve your home immeasurably! But even do-it-yourselfers need to know their limits. Some home repairs can be costly, but it’s more costly – or even dangerous – to have to make further repairs down the road if the project isn’t completed properly. It’s worth your peace of mind knowing a repair has been made by a professional who does this day-in, day-out. Below are some repairs you should definitely leave to professionals. 

Door and Window Replacement

This may seem like an innocuous project for DIYers, but matching replacement doors and windows to your home’s specific needs may be more difficult than you’d think! This is especially true if you’re replacing more than one window or door. Matching the dimensions of your home’s specific space for windows and doors also could be a challenge, particularly if you have an older home. 

Fortunately, our team is more than capable of installing replacement doors and windows quickly. Our high-quality replacements are built to last, leaving you with more time to spend on small DIY projects in the years to come without worrying about your home’s doors or windows. 

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Roofing Projects

Most roofing projects require a whole team of professionals to accomplish in a timely manner. Given that most roofing projects need to get done as soon as possible to keep your home safe from the elements, it’s not something to leave for a weekend project when you have time. 

Water Heater Installation and Repairs

Water heater installations often require permits, which make it difficult to do this project yourself. What really makes this something to leave to professionals, though, is the safety risks involved. If you’re not trained to install and repair water heaters, you may not know how to best interact with the electricity or natural gas line that’s connected to the water heater. That can go very wrong very quickly. 

Electrical Wiring

On the note of electricity and repairs, any rewiring your home may require should be handled by a trained electrician. In addition to the safety risks involving electrocution potentials, there’s another huge risk with DIYers doing wiring repairs. There’s a chance you could accidentally change the polarity of the wires in your home, meaning all the power in your house could go out. You’d have to call a professional to address that problem. It’s easier just to call an electrician in the first place!

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Portrait of a busy handyman standing on a ladder and fixing a ceiling fan in a house

Demolition Projects

If you damage an interior wall in your home, you may be tempted to knock it down entirely to create a more open living space. However, demo projects can be a lot more messy and time-consuming than you may think, with more debris involved than you’d expect. Additionally, you could accidentally start knocking down a load-bearing wall, and that would lead to a whole new set of problems. Consult a contractor before making big changes to your home’s layout. You’ll be grateful for it in the long run!

Leave the Hard Work to Us

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about replacing your home’s doors, windows and vinyl siding. Contact us today for a free estimate – and get back to tackling your manageable DIY home repair list safely!

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